Icy Glacier

Crazed chicken attacks 12 year old girl

    In Wallaceburg in her drive way there was a craze chicken on the loose and the chicken
attacked a 12 year old girl. Her name is Racheal Winchester and she was tha girl who was
attacked by the craze chicken and she did not get seriously injured. We asked her some
question so we knowwhat it can do to other people. These are the question that we asked
weird but necessary this is the questions we asked her and these are her answers first
question. Did the chicken jump out and attack you or did it walk up and attack you?
The chicken crossed my path and then it turned around and walked up and attacked me.

    Did you thinkl you were going to die? Yes i thought i was going to die but then my
neighbourshot his gun in the air and the crazed chicken ran away. He let me go in his house
but i said ishould go to the hospital i think i have a big cut on my back from falling on a
rock what did the chicken look like? It had a brown spot on its back, black eyes, a tag on its left wing, and sharp teeth. Did it have any other chicken with it? No but it was going to head towards my chicken pen but our dog scared it away.

    So we know there is a craze chicken so dont let your kid play outside or familly go outside so if your kids are playing bring them inside lock your doors and Windows. Stay inside in till we find the craze chicken if you see it outside make sure it dosent see you so close your cutins and windows to stay safe. We will tell you when we find the craze chicken and capture him till them stay home.And stay safe.