Icy Glacier


This is my site and i will be posting blog and stuff about animals and myth's and legend's so please come back to my site and look at my other site to it is called www.fol561.weebly.com please come back and look at my other site and send me idea's at golfer.girl.561@gmail.com please e-mail me poem's (that you wrote) and i will put them on my site for people to see and i only update my site every two days. And i will be putting some cool stuff on my website so please fell free to email mke and send me ideas.

About my site

On my other site i am putting poem's and story's. My story is about a boy who come's to our time and he fall's in love with a girl and he gets transported back to his time and he tries getting back because he loves her and he get back but something goes horribly wrong. My poem's are about goodbye hello and everything like animals life and objects. So please e-mail me idea's and i will put them on my site and for poem's i will put your name and age and for story's you give me idea's and i will put them in my story.